TBS Group provides integrated services of clinical engineering and ICT for the outsourced management of the whole technological equipment, both biomedical and IT, for public and private healthcare facilities, in particular of medical equipment and ICT systems as well as telecare & telemedicine ones. TBS Group offers a complete range of ICT solutions and services designed for public administration sector.

TBS Group is one of the leading European service providers in two major areas of activity:

Clinical Engineering

Provision of outsourced and integrated management and maintenance services for all medical devices in the healthcare field, according to a multivendor strategy. On site presence of own biomedical engineers guarantees utmost optimisation of costs and intervention times. Telecare and telemedicine services make part of this area.

Integrated ICT solutions 

Medical IT products, integrated IT solutions, management and maintenance services for all ICT technologies for healthcare and public bodies.

TBS Group, with a headquarters in Trieste (Italy), is present in 12 countries with a numerous companies and has a strong orientation towards internationalization.


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