Maintenance services for endoscopy equipment are a critical factor for all hospital facilities that use these types of instruments as they affect the quality and lifespan of the endoscopes and the continuity of services provided to clients.

MSI provides independent repair services, delivering the highest economic efficiency and quality assurance. Thanks to its strong network, MSI repairs and manages over 3,000 pieces of endoscopy equipment and lends out an additional 500 endoscopes every year. MSI can pick up a damaged piece of equipment within 1 day throughout Germany.

Main advantages

  • OEM alternative – significant third party entity providing both flexible and rigid endoscope maintenance.
  • Savings: 20-70% on overall costs for endoscope equipment management.
  • Compliance with laws and Quality Management Systems.
  • Functionality checks, thus guaranteeing the quality of the service provided.
  • Short time delivery: 3 days for a rigid scope, 10 days for a flexible scope and the return normally executed within 1 days from authorisation.
  • Service-oriented and customised solutions.
  • Loan equipment - permanent and temporary loan provision.
  • Warranties – 6 month warranty on parts and workmanship for all repairs.

Service contracts

MSI offers a service contract for a fixed price per annum with possible compensation in case the number of repairs is less than agreed.

  • Acceptance of all repairs.
  • Loan equipment.
  • Free shipment within Germany.
  • Annual inspection and maintenance.
  • Repair analysis.
  • User training.
  • Prevention training.

Loan equipment

MSI offers loaners that can be chosen from among a wide range of products.

  • Endoscopes and ultrasound probes on rental shipped within 24-48 hours.
  • Simple and non-bureaucratic processing. Customers can just call: +49 (0) 7552 92801-0. We will make all other arrangements for you.
  • Rental and loans of all leading manufacturers'scopes and ultrasound probes.


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